ZTE Grand S Will Soon Arrive to the United States

ZTE Grand S Will Soon Arrive to the United States

ZTE Grand SBased on reports we picked in recent months, the Grand S would be ZTE’s good looking high-end offering. However, many are left wondering whether the phone will actually venture beyond Asian countries. Like Huawei, the company has put much of its focus on the local Chinese phone market, which is currently the largest in the world. ZTE understands that it needs to adopt a more global mindset if it wants to have a more recognizable international brand.

The company has recently announced that the ZTE Grand S would be heading to the United States, but it offers little additional details. We know that it would arrive later this year, but no carriers have been tied with the phone just yet. However, numerous ZTE devices are available in Sprint’s network, so it won’t be too surprising to see Grand S lands there.

Obviously, there’s no guarantee that the phone will be picked up by a carrier in the US. The phone could be eventually available unlocked at full price at various retail stores. We can’t jump to any conclusion at this point and we should wait for more developments in coming future.

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