ZTE Grand S Will be Officially Announced in CES 2013

ZTE Grand S Will be Officially Announced in CES 2013

ZTE Grand SCES 2013 is set to kick off very soon in Las Vegas and we should expect to see amazing new smartphones showcased during the major event. It appears, we don’t have to wait too long to get a glimpse of ZTE’s upcoming flagship, which will also make debut at the event. An image of ZTE Grand S was posted by Engadget recently and according to official CES listing, the phone is scheduled for a debut in January 8.

The Grand S is described in CES website as the thinnest 5” FHD smartphones ever arrive to the market. The listing also says that the phone is made from ceramic material. Sketches shared by ZTE showed that the Grand S will have a slight camera hump and a unibody design.

The new 5” 1080p market segment gained significant attention after HTC launched the J Butterfly and its variants. Other similar devices will also make appearances next year including the Oppo Find 5 and Sony Yuga. Less information is known about the ZTE Grand S, but it isn’t surprising to see another Chinese phone maker to release high-end 5” 1080p devices with a more reasonable price tag.

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