Xiaomi Arch Phone

Xiaomi Arch Will Have Dual Curved Edges

Xiaomi Arch PhoneThe Samsung Galaxy Note Edge surprised us a bit with its single curved side, which can be used for a variety of purposes. It appears that Xiaomi is taking this concept one step further by offering a phone with dual curved side. The Xiaomi Arch will be the company’s first model with two curved edge. There will be brief information shown on the sides, along with some controls. In fact, Xiaomi claims that the Arch will be the first model with dual-curved edges.

It should be noted that that the phone is still presented as a concept, but it is quite possible that Xiaomi already has a working prototype somewhere in its R&D facility. We also heard that Samsung is working hard to deliver a variant of Galaxy S6 with dual-edge screen.

We can also bet that we will see a dual-edged variant of Samsung Galaxy Note somewhere next year as well. We can be sure that Xiaomi’s devices will be more affordable than Samsung’s future models. That being said, we shouldn’t expect to get a phone with innards like the Galaxy Note Edge and a decent Super AMOLED display with Quad HD resolution. Xiaomi will definitely find ways to keep things affordable.

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