Variants of HTC Butterfly 2 Are Revealed

Variants of HTC Butterfly 2 Are Revealed

HTC Butterfly 2 An OTA test revealed a device codenamed DXLPLUS. There’s a possibility that it is an upgrade to the original HTC Butterfly, which uses DLX as the codename. It appears that there are four different versions of the DLXPLUS based on the regional distributions.

The DLXPLUS_WL is intended for the US consumers, especially Verizon subscribers. The commercial name for this particular version is probably HTC DROID DNA 2. The DLXPLUS_UL is an LTE capable model. A different model, the DLXPLUS_U is an International version, which supports WCDMA and CDMA networks and to be called HTC Butterfly 2.

Another model is called DLXPLUS_WLJ and it will be delivered to the Japanese carrier KDDI, with possible commercial name of HTC Butterfly J 2. According to preliminary information gathered from testing, it appears that all of them will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad core processor under the hood.

Verizon will have a major media event and there’s a chance we will hear something about the successor of the DROID DNA.

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