Apple iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S May Come with a New “Killer Feature”

Apple iPhone 5SAndroid smartphone makers regularly have their big reveals in first quarter of each year, followed by major software release in Google I/O in May. This is the moment when the Apple iPhone lineup is slightly being left behind in terms of features offered.

The latest bit of rumor tells us that the upcoming iPhone 5S will include a “killer feature”, which is perhaps Apple’s way of closing or narrowing the technological gap. This seems to be a pretty obvious thing to do as high-end Android smartphones already come with large full-HD display and even 8-core processor.

The report originated from an interview with Apple’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, who promised that the company will surprise the industry this year with a new, killer feature that can drive consumers closer to its platform. It is said that the feature will begin with the iPhone 5S. As always the next “S” version may not include significant hardware improvement and the feature promised could be entirely software-based.

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