Samsung Will Launch Galaxy Fonblet 5.8 in Europe

Samsung Will Launch Galaxy Fonblet 5.8 in Europe

Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8

Apparently, Samsung has come up with an idea to call a device that is sort of a tablet, but also sort of a smartphone with a new name: Fonblet. The Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8 is a dual-SIM smartphone with 5.8 qHD AMOLED display. The qHD (960 x 540) screen resolution is only a step up from WVGA (480 x 800), so this could result in rather disappointing display quality. A white version of the phone is said to be prepared for release in a number of European countries.

Purportedly, the Galaxy Fonblet would be similar in design with the Galaxy Player 5.8, which is currently available only in South Korea. Samsung has released oversized smartphones before, the Galaxy Note with 5” display and the larger Galaxy Note II with 5.5” display. There’s talk that the South Korean company is preparing an even larger Note model with 6.3” display. Some may consider the name “Fonblet” as ridiculous, but it may eventually become a commonly accepted term in mobile industry.

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