Motorola X Phone

Motorola X Will Feature Key Lime Pie OS and 5-inch 1080p Display

Motorola X PhoneWe all have been expecting that sooner or later, Google and its subsidiary, Motorola, will work together to bring something big to the market. We know that both have just put finishing touches to the upcoming Motorola X-Phone as well as worked on the X-Tablet.

Latest rumors go on to mention that the phone will be the first to feature Key Lime Pie OS, to be designated as either Android 4.5 or 5.0. Being a non-Nexus device, the Motorola X will still have minor modification to its operating system, such as support for active stylus and enhancement to the NFC feature. There could also be a Motorola’s version of S-Beam technology.

The phone will be officially released in July for $299, which seems to be quite affordable for a device rocking 5” 1080p bezel-less display. The edge-to-edge display allows the Motorola X to be smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S3, despite having a slightly bigger display.

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