More Pictures Taken By Samsung Galaxy S4 Appear Online

More Pictures Taken By Samsung Galaxy S4 Appear Online

Samsung Galaxy S4A few weeks ago, we first obtained pictures allegedly taken by the Samsung Galaxy S4. And very recently, a couple of new images showed up on Picasa and they very well could be taken using Samsung’s upcoming flagship. While these pictures won’t win any photography contest, they surely attract our attention.

EXIF data obtained from these images tell us that they were taken with a Samsung smartphone with model number GT-I9505, which is the international variant of galaxy s4. The image resolution is 2322 x 4128, which directly translates to a 13MP camera. However, it is necessary to point out that it is easy to fake EXIF data

These pictures are published by a Picasa user, called Su Ya, and named as “test”, which implies that they are taken during a test session. As mentioned earlier, the picture quality is not particularly impressive. So, there’s a possibility that loyal Samsung users are up for a bit of disappointment. Again, the phone used to snap these pictures may not be the final version, so this won’t be the actual picture quality users will be getting.

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