iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S and Low-Cost iPhone May Arrive

iPhone 5SThere are plenty of expectations on when Apple’s next smartphone will be released. There’s apparently no surprise here, the iPhone 5S could land somewhere in the third quarter of 2013. Previously, Tim Cook said that new Apple products will arrive somewhere in the fall. Citigroup also told us that Apple delayed the production of iPhone 5S from June or July to September or October. Most of the time, these delays were reportedly to be caused by manufacturing problems.

Alongside the direct successor of the iPhone 5, we will also finally see the budget iPhone. “Low-cost” or “budget” iPhone is a concept foreign to loyal iPhone users. Typically, the previous iPhone generation (in this case iPhone 4/4S) is designated as low-cost handsets. However, the iPad Mini may give a hint on the type of formula that can be implemented on the budget iPhone. Many are wishing that the new hardware will be launched in WWDC 2013.

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