HTC M7 Will Be Sold as HTC One

HTC M7 Will Be Sold as HTC One

HTC M7During HTC’s year-end party, Peter Chou, the CEO of HTC chanted “M7” repeatedly. So it appears, a sure thing that the phone will be called as such during the initial launch. However, the popular source in the industry, @evleaks said recently that the phone will be officially launched as the HTC One instead.

We may need to listen to this, as @evleaks is known with a highly reliable track record. If true, the HTC One could be a culmination of the HTC One lineup. The phone will be unveiled officially at HTC’s press event on February 19th. With the 4.7″ full HD (1080p) display, the HTC One will offer 468ppi of pixel density.

The earlier HTC One X and One X+ weren’t really able to cut into the global market share and it isn’t known whether the upcoming HTC One will have a decent success in the market. Fortunately for the company, things have turned into the right direction after the release of HTC Butterfly/Droid DNA.

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