First Tizen-Based Smartphone Will be Released in Japan

First Tizen-Based Smartphone Will be Released in Japan

Tizen SmartphoneThe mobile world will finally see first implementations of Tizen, an open source operating system developed jointly by Samsung, Vodafone, DoCoMo and many others. Phones with the new operating system will be released in 2013 and Samsung will put more effort on the software platform. DoCoMo, a major network carrier in Japan, also said that next year, it will release a smartphone based on the platform.

DoCoMo’s phone could be developed by Samsung and there are no other details concerning hardware specs, pricing and scheduled release dates. Given the significance of CES and MWC, we could simply see first glimpses on the handset in any of these mobile-focused trade shows. Given its domination in the Android community, Samsung’s involvement in Tizen project has surprised many. But it’s a common business sense to diversify options and the Korean-based company will also release phone with Windows Phone 8 OS. Also based on Linux, Tizen is essentially Android’s distant cousin, but it’s claimed to be fully open.

Google has some controls on how Android should be implemented and it previously prevented the release of Acer CloudMobile A800 in China. Acer’s phone didn’t use a complete version of Android, which went against principal agreements of OHA.

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