BlackBerry 9315 Will Arrive in T-Mobile’s Network

BlackBerry 9315 Will Arrive in T-Mobile’s Network

T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 9315RIM and T-Mobile release a rather unlikely announcement that a phone called the BlackBerry Curve 9315 will be arriving in T-Mobile’s official stores on January 23rd. The phone will be released exactly one week before the unveiling of BlackBerry 10 OS, followed shortly by the BlackBerry Z10 and other devices. Apparently, the BlackBerry 7 still lives on and in many ways the Curve 9315, looks quite similar to the earlier 9310. RIM may be trying to tell us that it’s not the time to abandon the BB7 OS just yet.

Another baffling fact is that the phone is released in the US, a country where RIM has been largely abandoned. The company still soldiers on in a few countries including the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Nigeria, so a release in these countries will be received much more warmly. While the Canadian company only has 1.4 percent in the US market, various BlackBerry models are still used by half of smartphone users in Indonesia.

Another perplexing fact is that T-Mobile is also selling the Curve 9360, which is much better specced than the 9315, also sold at the same price. On-contract price for both the Curve 9315 and 9360 is $49.99.

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