Apple iPhone 5 Versus Samsung Galaxy S4

Apple iPhone 5 Versus Samsung Galaxy S4

Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4The iPhone 5 was introduced back in September with a larger 4” display and LTE connectivity. The phone is facing a serious competition from the Samsung Galaxy S3 with its nice design, elegant user interface and bigger display. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released in a few months and how does the iPhone 5 stacks up against it?

Little is known about S4’s design and it could be thicker than the S3. Reports suggest that the S4 will be 9.1mm thick, which a bit strange as high-end device are slimming down. With its 4” display, the iPhone 5 looks like a mid-range device, but with 1136 x 640 pixels resolution, it delivers 326ppi of pixel density.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 would have 5” 1080p Super-AMOLED HD display, which would trump the iPhone 5 at 441ppi. The camera of Galaxy S3’s camera isn’t as good as iPhone 5’s 8Mp iSight camera, which captures fantastic photo and shoots amazing videos. The Galaxy S4 may have 13Mp camera, but the extra megapixels may not mean anything if it still uses ordinary sensor.

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