An Image of BlackBerry N-Series Phone is Released

An Image of BlackBerry N-Series Phone is Released

BlackBerry Z10At last, photograph of BlackBerry N-series handset has been leaked. Images of an L-series handset have also been released and the device will be called Z10. It is unfortunate that the device seems to be snapped in a big hurry under very dim environment. As a comparison, photos of the L-series were well-lit and clear.

Nevertheless, the poorly-snapped image still offers die-hard BlackBerry fans what they’ve been waiting to see: A QWERTY BlackBerry 10 smartphone. The N-series seems to share many design elements with the BlackBery Bold 9900, although the bezel is a bit thinner and the display is slightly bigger. The company’s trademark keyboard is no longer curved and it has been straightened, much like the one used by the Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9981.

Very little is known about the N-series smartphone, but it will come with a small display and high pixel density. Much of the phone is still a subject of guessing, but Thorsten Heins promised that early BlackBerry 10 smartphones will stack up really well against the competition. The company will pull back the curtain on January 30th and we will find out for sure about exact details of the phone.

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