Amazon Kindle Smartphone May Be Delayed

Amazon Kindle Smartphone May Be Delayed

Amazon Kindle SmartphoneSources in the industry have whispered Amazon’s smartphone model for more than a year and it may be facing a delay. The giant e-tailer expects to complete the EVT (Engineering Verification Test) phase in Q1 2013. If things move smoothly, the wheels should be in motion for full production in Q2 2013. Unfortunately, it is reported that Amazon may have run into certain platform development issues, which set the actual release date back beyond the planned June timeframe.

As of now, the much-fanfared smartphone is still undergoing the EVT stage. Amazon habitually use highly customized version of Android OS and the software might be the culprit for the reported delay. Like with the Kindle tablet models, Amazon may also peddle its own proprietary services with this smartphone.

The Facebook phone is also a much rumored handset, which turns out to be quite real. It is also facing some delays and the phone won’t be available as soon as we have been expecting. To avoid being too hopeful, we can safely expect that both smartphones will be available in the second half of 2013.

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