A Mysterious BlackBerry Handset Called RFF91LW Arrives to FCC

A Mysterious BlackBerry Handset Called RFF91LW Arrives to FCC

BlackBerry RFF91LWIdentified merely as “RFF91LW,”; a RIM’s mystery device has arrived to FCC. While we can suspect it to be the BlackBerry Z10, it could simply be a unique developer device or even a different kind of handset altogether. The filing has been censored to hide any information that may easily reveal the phone’s true identity. As we are also hearing about the N-series in recent days, the mystery handset is purely a matter of speculation. RIM is getting desperate in releasing new BB10 handsets and that’s a good thing for us.

The official launch event of BlackBerry 10 OS would be on January 30th, followed by smaller events in various countries around the world. Two first BB10 smartphones, the X10 and Z10, will be unveiled in the event and the company will also announce their availability details.

With the BlackBerry 10 OS, RIM sets out to deliver a fully unique mobile experience that is full adapted to user requirements. The development team has worked hard to deliver innovative features, with an impressive web browser, cutting-edge multimedia capabilities and rich application ecosystem. The company still has solid partnerships with various carriers in different countries. Many consumers have switched to iPhone and Android devices, but they may be still secretly hoping to revert if RIM finally releases something worthwhile.

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