New Phones Coming in 2023 and 2024

New Phones Coming

As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to take the wrap off our crystal ball and see how the phone industry will take shape in 2023. Some are quite obvious; consumers will review the market situation and take well-thought out plan of actions. Smartphones will continue to erode the market share of feature phones and the use of these powerful, versatile devices will continue to grow. Smart gadgets have become much more ubiquitous and they are already indispensable.

It is still rather arguable what makes a phone “smart”, some say that it is the ability to install third-party apps, manipulate hardware configuration and access the Internet. Other experts say that smart devices are all about data usages. They know how to record our email, where we are supposed to be at 10.00 AM and who our friends are. Our devices are smart because they “know” things not because they “do” things.

Smartphones that get stolen or lost may expose us to all sorts of problems. A stolen smartphone is no fun, but stolen personal data can be far more disruptive. Smartphones in 2023 will still behave similarly and it’s a good idea to take a look to upcoming phones that will hit the shelves.

iPhone 6 will be a direct upgrade to the iPhone 5S, and like the iPhone 5C, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S, it would be a solid upgrade in coming future. It will still share the same overall design, perhaps a slightly enhanced display. It may have the ultra-fast processor, which offers double the performance of the original. Other possible features are 13Mp camera or better and battery with larger capacity. If it eventually get new iOS update, users will get improved multitasking performance, better data sharing process, better maps service and revamped notification. It won’t be 2023’s most groundbreaking smartphone by any stretch, but it would be the finest iPhone model yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 will continue to feature a huge display, probably something similar with 5” 1080p display or maybe 2K display with the latest AMOLED technology. Based on recent rumors, it also seems to suffer from the same lack of new innovations, except if the future Samsung phones starts coming with bendable display.

Nokia plans to release many new phones in 2023 including Lumia 525, Lumia 1320, Lumia 1520 etc. Nokia’s next flagship, it would run Windows Phone 8+ “Apollo Plus” or perhaps, even Windows Phone 8.5. It would boast an impressive PureView rear camera and better processor. Thinner and faster than the current Lumia phones, it should be able to run demanding 3D games with incredible ease. Even with the Lumia latest phones, it is still unlikely for Nokia reassert its favorable status in the phone industry. However, the Finnish company can still ensure its survival by introducing some added values such as better integration with PCs running Windows 8 OS. On the other hand, Sony could have a plan to release 6” superphone and LG’s Optimus G2 and LG Optimus Pro will deliver features worthy of high-end specifications.