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Upcoming Phones with Aptina’s Sensor Will Take Impressive 60fps Videos

Aptina SensorAptina just published a press release describing an advanced model of 8Mp sensor which support 60fos video recording at full 16:9 frame width without causing pixel binning. The sensor achieves it by taking 6Mp video data stream and over samples it three times. The results are comparable to those produced by multi-sensor cameras used by TV studios. This is clearly a bold statement and Aptina reported that the mass production has been commenced.

High-end smartphones are no stranger to fluid, high-speed videos, for example, the HTC One X uses it as a selling point. But they usually achieve this by cropping frames from a much bigger sensor; reducing field of view and final image quality. Aptina’s new camera sensors will offer impressive, no compromise footages with professional-level sharpness and clarity. So, it wouldn’t be long before upcoming smartphones deliver brag-worthy video recording solution.

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