The Next iPhone May Have Plastic Casing and 13Mp Camera

The Next iPhone May Have Plastic Casing and 13Mp Camera

Plastic Casing and 13Mp Camera

The iPhone 5 arrived with much fanfare just a few months ago, but sources in the industry claim that Apple is already working on two or perhaps even three iPhone models for release this year. Analysts from KGI Securities believe that the company is developing an iPhone model with more powerful LED flash, better camera and snappier processor.

There will also be a fingerprint sensor to enhance security-related capability and the technology comes from Authentec, a company Apple bought last year. Instead of slim waistline of 7.6mm and aluminum unibody, the next iPhone will be bulkier at 8.2mm and use plastic casing. It’s also believed that the phone will be available in six color options. Another important detail is that the upcoming iPhone will have a 13Mp camera sensor on the back.

Apple faced low demand for its iPhone 5 and it’s likely that high-end smartphone markets in many countries start to reach maturity. Many have argued, including Apple’s former CEO, John Sculley, that Apple should immediately jump on the cheap smartphone bandwagon.

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