Sony Xperia C3

Sony C3 Will Appear in China With 5” Display and Quad-Core Processor

Sony Xperia C3Years ago, there was a near duopoly in the mobile industry, involving Sony and Nokia. Unfortunately, Sony is no longer at the top-three position, but the company is still committed to regain lost market share. Like other major phone makers, Sony is wise enough to deliver various handsets at different price points.

Codenamed the C3, Sony’s new smartphone will make its way into the Chinese market. While the phone is equipped with 5” display, the Sony C3 may not have 1080p resolution. The MediaTek quad-core processor and 720p HD display resolution place the phone in the mid-range category. These less advanced features should make the phone cheaper than contemporary high-end devices. The C3 should be priced somewhere under $500, while high-end models topping the $600 mark.

It should be pointed out that the C3 also features dual-SIM and dual-standby capabilities, which are in high demand in China. The country is already the largest market in China and any phone maker should be serious with having an involvement in it.

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