Samsung Tizen Smartphone

Samsung Will Launch a Tizen Smartphone with High-End Specs

Samsung Tizen SmartphoneIn an interview, a Samsung’s senior employee told Bloomberg that their Tizen smartphone model will arrive in August or September with high-end hardware specs. The South Korean company has developed into a smartphone giant and it may have ample of resources to spread its efforts between vast Android-powered Galaxy lineup and the upcoming new family running the alternative OS, Tizen.

The company argued that while Android is an open-source platform, it is still tightly controlled. On the other hand, the Tizen is expected to offer real open-source characteristics, which make it easier for phone makers to perform development. Samsung may be planning to use Tizen as a safety net.

There’s a good possibility that Android will continue to expand, leaving behind iOS and Windows Phone OS in terms of market share. Microsoft has been controlling the PC market and there’s a possibility that Google will try to do the same. The new Tizen smartphone may also launch with thousands of new apps.

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