Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A

Galaxy Note 4Samsung has unveiled a much improved variant of its phablet, the Galaxy Note 4. The new Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A boasts Cat.9 4G LTE modem as well as the more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 quad-core processor with its 64-bit computing support. The phone’s actual release date is set next month on 2015 and it will be available initially for users in South Korea. Samsung always tries to outpace the competition by releasing better variants of its flagships.

This allows the company to stay ahead in the game without releasing a completely new model. The standard LTE-A technology has dual-band carrier aggregation and it can go about 150Mbps. The Galaxy Note LTE-A has Cat.9 standard that could meld three available bands and deliver up to 450Mbps of data speed. Unfortunately, this speed won’t be available until carriers deliver it next year.

With 300Mbps data speed, users can download 700MB videos in just 19 seconds. It will take only about one second to load ten songs. Users could take advantage of this capability if there’s a nearby tower that offers tri-band carrier aggregation. The 300Mbps speed should deliver about 4 times the standard 4G LTE performance.

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