Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 May Incorporate Better Wireless Charging Capability

Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung has enjoyed huge success with its Galaxy S smartphones and it comes as no surprise that the company will introduce latest technology for the upcoming Galaxy S4. The phone is among the most anticipated smartphones in industry and according to rumors it will feature wireless charging capability.

The technology will be based on Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi standard. This would mean that the Galaxy S4 will support any Qi-compatible dock and it’s not obligatory for users to buy a dock from Samsung. Once more smartphone makers adopt the technology, the market will eventually be flooded with cheaper third party docks.

There’s also a possibility that Samsung will use “resonant magnetic coupling” that may extend the charging range up to 2 meters. If true, this may give Samsung Galaxy S4 a major advantage over competing high-end smartphones as current wireless charging technology requires the device to be positioned within less than 4 cm away.

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