Samsung Galaxy Note III

Samsung Galaxy Note III May Include S-Orb Photography Feature

Samsung Galaxy Note IIIWhile the Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature the “360 Photo”, it is rumored that the Galaxy Note III will have the S Orb. As the name might imply, the S-Orb feature could guide users to shoot a series of photos that are stitched into a sphere-shaped panoramic shoot. This could be one of major software-based highlights offered by the Samsung Galaxy Note III.

S Orb sounds like a credible name as the South Korean company has been on roll with similarly named apps, like S Calendar, S Health and others. Also, Samsung doesn’t have the habit of duplicating existing features and it’s unlikely the company would offers something similar to the panoramic shot feature that has been included with the Android 4.2.

Obviously, we shouldn’t be too optimistic with an unannounced feature and try to take it with a pinch of salt. There’s a chance that it is still a typical panoramic photography feature, but with some added capabilities not available on other similar apps. It’s also possible that the S-Orb is just a plugin designed to extend the capability of “360 Photo” and it will be also available for the Galaxy S4.

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