Panasonic P-02E

Panasonic P-02E Arrives to FCC

Panasonic P-02EFinally, Panasonic has confirmed the existence of P-02E and the smartphone recently appears in the FCC listing. The P-02E seems to share plenty of characteristics of Panasonic ELUGA, which appeared earlier in this year’s CES. The device was fairly respectable at early 2012, while P-02E seems to define how fast the mobile industry has progressed in just one year. Unfortunately, it is rumored that the phone will be hitting only the Japanese soil and for other consumers, they can only be hopeful.

The Panasonic P-02E will be joining a fledgling segment in the smartphone industry, which will be characterized by 5” 1080p display. The behemoth will feature NFC, 4G LTE connectivity and Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). Another feature that seems to indicate Japanese-only presence is the Mobile TV. On the other hand, an approval from FCC usually leads to a release on the United States and European countries. The phone may eventually appear on Mobile World Congress 2013, as CES 2013 seems to be too close.

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  • Srinivas

    What is the price of this mobile? Whether it is waterproff one? Show all the specifications of this, whether I can buy on installment scheme? If so from where and which buyer name?

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