Oppo Find 5 Will be Released in US, But Not In Europe

Oppo Find 5 Will be Released in US, But Not In Europe

Oppo Find 5Oppo has made the impressive Find 5 smartphone official and quite surprisingly, the phone will also available in the US through online purchases. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers in other countries should expect a global release.

Oppo has no intention of bringing its next flagship in European countries very soon. Officials from the company aren’t too keen to offer clear reasons of this decision. But, it’s easy to guess that the company still doesn’t have the resources to meet the possible huge demand from the global market. This might be all for the best in order to avoid infuriating international users with inadequate distribution and poor after-sales services.

Oppo may not think that it is the right time to bring its devices to the Europe, but this could change next year if the company is successful in the US market. Unfortunately, Oppo is not known for public openness and the only ETA we know so far is “Early 2013”. The Oppo Find 5 has awesome price tag and spec sheet; which will appeal to those with a few hundred dollars to spend. It is certainly an attractive choice for those thinking that 5” 1080p phablets released by major phone makers are ridiculously priced.

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