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Nokia May Be Planning to Introduces Four New Phone Models at MWC 2013

Nokia SmartphonesAdduplex recently told us that Nokia will be introducing four new phone models in MWC 2013. One of them is probably the RM-860 with a 1280 x 768 display. It is also reported that Nokia will release a new Lumia 920 variant called the “Catwalk”, with thinner aluminum body.

Another rumored device is the Nokia Laser, which is a Windows phone 8 smartphone with full-fledged 41Mp PureView camera. Both the Catwalk and Laser are Verizon-bound and one of them could have arrived at FCC for immediate arrival in the market. However, the device diagram released by the FCC seems to resemble the RM-860.

Whatever happens, Nokia does need to add more handset models to the lineup to provide consumers with more alternatives. The company has sold nearly 4.5 million units of Lumia smartphone in Q4 2012 and they need to sell more to achieve good financial standing.

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