Nokia 505 Will Be Launched Initially in Mexico

Nokia 505 Will Be Launched Initially in Mexico

Nokia Lumia 505Nokia recently makes the Lumia 505, an entry-level smartphone, official in Mexico. The Finnish company has been long known for its excellent, affordable devices and the Lumia 505 shouldn’t be considered as something surprising.

Consumers in Mexico will be the first to get hold of the budget-friendly Windows Phone 7.8 smartphone and it will eventually makes it way to the global market. Nokia is a struggling company and there’s no point in offering its devices only in a few countries. So, it’s only a matter of time before the company unveils it in the United States.

The Lumia 505 comes with a 3.7” WVGA display and Nokia makes a good decision adding the AMOLED technology. The company is still tight-lipped about the type of processor within the Lumia 505; but it should be able to fluidly run any lightweight app, while the 256MB of RAM will support only limited multitasking tasks.

The 8Mp camera isn’t built around on Carl Zeiss optics like in more expensive Lumia models and it is only capable of recording VGA clips at 30fps.

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