Jolla May Introduce Its Smartphone Next Month

Jolla May Introduce Its Smartphone Next Month

Jolla SmartphoneJolla was founded by a number of Nokia’s former top level employees and it’s known for its effort to deliver smartphone with a new open source software platform. It is reported recently that Jolla is preparing a big announcement next month, which may include the official unveiling of its first device. Pre-order may kick off shortly afterwards and the money gathered will be used to fund the delivery of the actual device.

Jolla’s concept is based on Nokia N9 and MeeGo OS. The device is claimed to represent a modern Scandinavian design and it runs the Sailfish OS. Jolla promises that any phone maker is allowed to use Sailfish OS like they would with Android. It s an open source platform, but no licensing details have been presented.

As the actual event is just weeks away, Jolla really need to stir up the excitement to build up interest on its upcoming solutions. The chairman Antti Saarnio said that the company wants Jolla to be a movement, which involves consumers.

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