HTC One Will Be Released on March 22 in the United States

HTC OneEarlier this week, we found out from a tipster that the HTC One will be released in the United States. With a new 2-year contract, the 32GB model will be sold for $199.99 and 64GB model for $299.99. But today, we finally get a possible release date to go with the earlier leaked information. Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T will begin to sell the HTC one March 22, while Verizon won’t be taking part initially.

The latter is still allocating much of its effort to the current DROID DNA and it will eventually sell the HTC One as the DROID DNA Plus. Like the DROID DNA, the HTC One also uses a full HD display but at a smaller display size of 4.7”. This results in a slightly higher pixel density of 468ppi, compared to 441ppi for the 5” display. However, the difference would be undetectable for normal eyes as each individual pixel is too small to see.

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