Google Will Release Nexus 4 with 4G LTE Support

Google Will Release Nexus 4 with 4G LTE Support

Google Nexus 4LG in collaboration with Google has released the Nexus 4, but the gadget didn’t come with the 4G LTE data connectivity, even when the mobile industry is moving towards the high speed data connection. Google has responded to user complaints and a 4G-capable version of Nexus 4 will be available soon. It is rumored that the improved variant will be introduced in the Google IO. Like the original version, the phone still lacks microSD card slot, but the 32GB of onboard storage should alleviate this issue for most users.

Google I/O is an event aimed most at developers with Android OS and other software-based solutions as the centerpiece of the discussions. So, it won’t be surprising if the 4G-capable Nexus will not make an appearance.

There will also be support for CDMA connectivity, which is compatible with Verizon and Sprint networks. At this moment, Google Play Store only offers the GSM version, which works on T-Mobile and AT&T. With most premium Android smartphones offering 4G LTE connectivity and CDMA network support, it only makes sense for the search engine giant to offer a more improved Nexus 4 version.

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