Google Partners With LG to Develop Nexus 5

Google Partners With LG to Develop Nexus 5

Nexus 5Partnership with Google has give LG a huge for its smart devices business. The South Korean company worked with Google to bring us the Nexus 4, the fourth Nexus smartphone. This is the kind of thing that can help LG to catch up with its more successful competitors. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well as the marketing effort was a complete disaster for the Nexus 4. Despite this fact, Google decides to extend its partnership with LG.

Korea Times tells us that both companies are developing Nexus 5, which is believed that device is already in the advanced stage of development. It is quite interesting to see how the so-called Motorola X Phone would fit into all this. It appears, Google is involved in the development of two competing devices.

Android fans have expressed great interest toward the Nexus 5 and we surely can’t wait to hear more details about its specs. There are varying speculations on the hardware components to be included; 2 or 3GB of RAM and 9Mp to 16Mp rear-facing camera.

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