First BB 10 Smartphone Will be Called BlackBerry Z10

First BB 10 Smartphone Will be Called BlackBerry Z10

Blackberry Z10Previously known as BlackBerry 10 L-series, RIM’s next generation smartphone finally gets an official name, which is proclaimed to be the BlackBerry Z10. An advertisement for the upcoming handset was unearthed recently by the media and it may not be released as the L-series. The Z10 may very well end up being the phone’s official commercial name.

The advertisement shows two different color variants, on in white and another in black. This means that the Canadian company will release the smartphone in these color schemes. In a way to refresh its presence in the industry, RIM may eventually abandon the usual four digit naming. The video shows that the BlackBerry Z10 has removable back cover to access the replaceable battery. There is also a microSD card slot to expand the internal storage.

The BlackBerry 10 OS is a direct upgrade of BlackBerry 7, which is used by dozens of RIM’s smartphones. First BlackBerry 10 devices will be unveiled officially on January 20th and it’s unclear when they will reach the shelves in the US.

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