Facebook Phone Could be Announced on January 15

Facebook Phone Could be Announced on January 15

Facebook PhoneOn January 15, Facebook will host two special events simultaneously, one in London and another at its own headquarters. Little is known about what they are really all about. But we can be sure that the company won’t host more than one event if it hasn’t something big to announce. It is unlikely that the company will only announce an app or feature a few new features.

However, sources say that these events will be about “mobile” and perhaps it has something to do with the near-mythical Facebook Smartphone. For a couple of years, the idea of Facebook Smartphone has been floating around. In a number of occasions; Mark Zuckerberg denied this possibility. However, we’ve seen companies denying something and eventually releasing it without a prior announcement.

This happened to the original Google Nexus smartphone and Apple iPad Mini. Back in November 2011, there were reports on “Project Buffy”, which is believed to be a partnership between HTC and Facebook to release a smartphone using a fork of Android OS with intensive customizations to allow very deep integration with Facebook services.

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