BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry Promises an “Exciting” Smartphone for Release in This Year’s Holiday Season

BlackBerry Q10
During an interview, BlackBerry’s CEO, Thorsten Heins said that the company will be releasing an exciting smartphone model with BlackBerry 10 OS installed out of the box. Heins promised that the new phone will take BlackBerry 10 OS into a new level of user experience.

However, as the release date is not yet set in stone, there’s still a possibility that the actual launch date is pushed back to 2014. Very little details are known at this stage, but Heins seems to be quite excited with its. For the time being, we are still waiting for the release of the keyboard-equipped BlackBerry Q10, which will be available in coming months.

BlackBerry platform is known for its excellent physical keyboard design and even Google’s Eric Schmidt admitted earlier this week that he is a BlackBerry user. BlackBerry is pushing to recapture lost ground and the promised high end device could make that possible.

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